Applying for a Permanent Resident Visa

By Rita Worner

If you’ve been living in New Zealand as a Resident, then it may be time for you to consider applying for your Permanent Resident Visa (PRV). The main benefit to this is indefinite re-entry to New Zealand. This means you can travel freely in and out of New Zealand without having to worry about your ‘travel conditions’ expiring. 

To be eligible for a PRV, you must:

  • Have held a Resident Visa for 24 months; and
  • Meet character requirements; and
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to New Zealand through specific criteria.

The most common way to meet the commitment criteria is “time spent” i.e. to have been in New Zealand as a resident visa holder for a total of 184 days in each of the two 12-month periods before applying for your PRV.

Immigration New Zealand has recently moved these PRV applications online, and you will no longer be able to submit a paper-based application form. Queen City Law can submit a PRV application on your behalf for a speedy and efficient process.

We can also assist in cases where you may have been caught offshore with expired travel conditions, or if you require a Character Waiver (in cases where you may have been charged or convicted with a crime or driving offence). Contact us for more information on your eligibility.  

We have taken care to ensure that the information given is accurate, however it is intended for general guidance only and it should not be relied upon in individual cases. Professional advice should always be sought before any decision or action is taken.